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Cool Foods 

This store carries Cool Foods products. The official website is
Cool Foods– a new division of Cool Cups LLC– is committed to bringing our community a greater choice of plant based foods with the idea that these foods are better for us and the planet. Cool Foods is excited to introduce our new line of nutrient rich, bean based, soy free Vegi Bacon Bits & Dips.

For over 5 years we have been proud to bring families our delicious, refreshing Cool Cups, the #1 selling All Natural gelatin free vegan snack in the United States. A perfect alternative to standard commercial gelatin, Cool Cups are made from sustainable seaweed and have no animal byproducts. Our Black Cherry, Orange, and Peach Mango Cool Cups are Non GMO, gluten free, and have NO artificial ingredients.

The Cool Foods company actively participates in numerous community events in support of Eco-Awareness, Nutritional Health, Fitness, and Global Warming Solutions. Our proprietary Eco-Arcade games hope to inspire a healthier, eco-conscious lifestyle for all families.